Everything back to normal?

In light of being home more and eating out less whilst restaurants were closed, so many of us got back in the kitchen and started cooking and sharing the food love.

As life returns to normal, here’s 3 easy tips for keeping the cooking going at home and creating healthy meal options for the whole family.

1. Choose easy meals

If you’re not a fan of cooking then there’s nothing worse than having to follow 20 steps, use 6 bowls and be in the kitchen for an hour or more.

To eliminate the stress and keep it fun, choose easy meals that can be prepped and ready in under 30 minutes.

Not sure what that is?

Think stir-fry’s, traybakes, one-bowl pastas and easy meat and veg meals to keep the prep to a minimum so you can continue to enjoy your time in the kitchen.

2. Take the help when you can

We have so many modern conveniences at our fingertips, so why not use them?

Whether it’s utilising your food processor to avoid chopping, buying pre-cut or frozen veg to eliminate prep work or utilising pre-prepared portioned cuts of meats and fish, why not utilise what you have at hand and make the most of today’s modern-day conveniences.

Utilise these easy prep-hacks to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your meals with friends and love ones.

3. Plan Ahead

Try planning a week’s worth of dinners or if that scares you, plan for 3 days. Having a plan saves you precious time (and $$) and countless trips to the supermarket.

It also ensures you have all your produce on hand and eliminates the calling of the unhealthy take-away option when you can’t think of what’s for dinner.

Need a couple of other quick tips?

Why not create a roster so you share the load of cooking with everyone in the household.

Have kids?

Get them involved so they learn the joy of food. Kids love eating and sharing what they’ve cooked with others.

Happy Cooking (and eating!)

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