Olivia Hickman

This week on the show I have an amazing guest, Connection Coach, Menstrual Mentor and Aura Mediator, Olivia Hickman.

Olivia and I discuss:

  • Olivia’s health journey and what brought her to where she is today.
  • Her multi-faceted healing approach. What it is and how it works.
  • The importance of knowing about your womb and menstrual cycle.
  • What it is to be an aura mediator.
  • What it means to be able to read someone’s aura and how Olivia does it.
  • One piece of health advice that Olivia thinks is very important for the listeners to take away from this interview.

More about Olivia:

Olivia Hickman is a Connection Coach, Menstrual Mentor & Aura Mediator. Having spent over 10 years in the Holistic Field she has put her heart and soul into creating New World Women, an online membership & community for women. This community is for supporting women to improve their health, wealth & happiness so they can thrive in an ever-changing world.

Connect with Olivia:

Instagram: @newworldwomencollective

Website: www.oliviahickman.co.uk

Connect with Kate:

Website: MindMovementHealth.com.au

Facebook: facebook.com/MindMovementHealth

Instagram: instagram.com/MindMovementHealth

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