Adrenal fatigue and burnout can leave you feeling bone-tired, exhausted, and stressed.

In this week’s podcast episode, I interview the amazing Dr. Lulu Shimek about how we can prevent and overcome adrenal burnout.

We cover:

  • What our adrenals are and why they are vital for our health
  • What is adrenal burnout and how we can end up there
  • The effects of stress on the body and in the development on adrenal burnout
  • What role nutrition has in supporting your adrenals

And more….

Tune in to hear how we can manage our stress and protect our adrenals for a healthy, happy life.

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More about Dr.Lulu:

Dr. Lulu shimek is a naturopathic physician and expert in genetic health, working with patients experiencing chronic disease: autoimmune disease, digestive disorders, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and fatigue.

She believes that once we dive deep down to the root of the problem of the distortion and ignite our bodies innate ability to heal, we see unimaginable changes in our well being.

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