If you’ve ever had sciatica you know how painful and uncomfortable it can be. From shooting pain in the buttocks to running pain down the leg, it occurs when the sciatic nerve is pinched or compressed. Sciatica can affect anyone, but most commonly occurs due [...]

5 Health Tips for your Lockdown 2.0

Whether you’re still in lockdown, back in lockdown or slowly emerging back in to every day life but still wanting to hold on to some of that slowing down, check out my 5 Great Things to Get You Through Lockdown 2.0. 1. Keep moving!The healthier you are, the least likely you [...]

3 Easy Tips to Keep the Healthy Cooking Happening

Everything back to normal? In light of being home more and eating out less whilst restaurants were closed, so many of us got back in the kitchen and started cooking and sharing the food love. As life returns to normal, here’s 3 easy tips for keeping the cooking going [...]

5 Superfoods Foods to Kick Start Your Morning!

How we fuel our bodies and start our day matters. The better the fuel, the more productive, alert and responsive we will be. Having a healthy fibre-full breakfast has been linked to better weight control and more stable blood sugar levels so say goodbye to the fast and start [...]

3 Easy Ways to add Self-Care in to your Day

Self-care is so important but it often falls to the way-side when we get busy, tired or stressed. The kids may need you, you have errands to run and it just doesn’t feel like you have time to fit anything else into your day. What self-care you say? Here’s [...]

Kombucha, Should you be drinking it?

Have you tried Kombucha? It’s the fermented tea drink everyone keeps talking about. I’ve noticed it seems to be everywhere now; supermarkets, cafes, health food stores so I wanted to share some information on what it is and its benefits as it seems to be the new ‘hip’ food.There [...]

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