Gillian McCollum

Overcoming Disordered Eating, Chronic Dieting and How to Heal our Relationship with Food with Anti-Diet and Body-Freedom Coach, Gillian McCollum

This week on the show I have a very frank and open conversation with the lovely Gillian McCollum.

*Quick warning that if you have suffered from disordered eating or chronic dieting or you find that hearing about these things are triggers, or are just too emotional for you, that maybe this is the one you skip.*

Gillian and I discuss:

– disorder eating and chronic dieting

-the importance of them becoming more mainstream and more awareness being built around them

– body shaming and the importance of having a healthy body image even if it means different than what you might think

– triggers that might tip people into disorder eating

– GI issues and the effects

– ways of stopping if heading into the direction of disorder eating and/or preventing a relapse

– ways to talk with your children about body image and self acceptance

More about Gillian:

Gillian is an anti-diet food and body freedom coach from Edinburgh, Scotland. She’s also a body positive yoga teacher whose mission is to help women find lasting peace and freedom with food and their body. She has a unique approach combining both intuitive eating and body acceptance practices. She supports women in their recovery from chronic dieting and navigating emotional eating.

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