Mindset and health are buzz words now. Everyone is trying to eat for gut health, ground themselves and practice gratitude. All these practices are amazing and so beneficial for your health, but do you ever feel a little overwhelmed by all the new health habits and routines?!

Rather than trying to overhaul your life by implementing new morning and evening routines why not introduce 3 self-care habits in to your life?

1 daily habit

1 weekly habit

1 monthly habit

These habits can be small, take minimal time and be incorporated in to your everyday life without feeling like you must make more time for them.

It takes 21 days for a practice to become a habit so give it a go for 3 weeks to watch how small changes can have a big impact on your health!

Daily Practices

Daily practices don’t need to be time-consuming or energy draining. Think of a small change in your daily routine that could positively affect your mood, body or reduce stress.

Here are some great examples;

  • Going to bed at a reasonable time to stop you feeling tired the next day
  • Adding in 5 mins of stretching so you can move with ease during your day
  • Picking 3 things you’re grateful for and being thankful for them in your life
  • Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning
  • Ensuring you stay hydrated throughout the day
  • No technology at meal times so you can enjoy your food without stress
  • Eat at least 5 different vegetables throughout the day
  • Get outside and stand in the sun for 2mins every day

Weekly Practices-

A weekly self-care practice can be just as simple as a daily one or you can give it a little more time. The choice is yours but make it something you enjoy like a hobby or interest, so you feel energised once you’ve completed it.

Some great examples are;

  • Attending your favourite workout class like spin, yoga or Pilates
  • Spend some time in the kitchen and food prep some meals so you have healthy food on hand during the week.
  • Go for a longer walk/hike and challenge yourself whilst spending time outdoors
  • Enjoy an activity with your children like playing at the park or a board game that you may be too rushed to fit in during the week.
  • Stay off social media for a day
  • Indulge in a passion whether that be gardening, playing music or baking
  • Taking a warm bath

Monthly Practices-

A monthly self-care practice can be a real treat or just a check-in with our body to see how you are feeling and if you need to change part of your regular routine to keep achieving your optimal health.

Great examples are;

  • Having a facial/massage once month
  • Organising a catch-up with a friend or family member
  • Setting yourself a challenge to achieve each month like running 5km or trying a new activity/sport.
  • Doing a day trip to a new place
  • Trying a new restaurant
  • Learning a new skill

Ready to make a change?

Self-care changes can be as big or as small as you make them but if you keep them small you’ll find they become habits more easily and ultimately lead to better health.

Give each change 21 days and watch how easy looking after yourself can be!

I’d love to hear what self-care changes you’ve made. Leave a comment on what your new health habits are!

Yours in good health,

Kate x

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