Allyse Elliott

This week on the show I have the lovely Allyse Elliott.

Allyse and I discuss:

  • Allyse’s reason for changing to a low-tox lifestyle
  • Where to start on swapping out toxic household products for low-tox products
  • Finding the right products for you and your family
  • Natural DIYs
  • What roles essential oils play into our lives
  • The importance of checking labels
  • The chemical maze app
  • Allyse’s experience with my Lean 14 program

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More about Allyse:

After learning about the chemical load that we carry and the damaging effect it has on our health, Allyse became dedicated to making changes to improve her family’s health and wellness naturally.

This passion and dedication quickly grew and she now spends her time assisting others to make similar changes in their lives.

Allyse loves helping others by educating on why switching to a low-tox lifestyle is so important, how it can be done, and sharing tips and tricks to make switching to a natural lifestyle simple.

Connect with Allyse:

Instagram: @my_essential_life_of_wellness

Facebook: @myessentiallifeofwellness


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