Kymber Maulden

This week I have a very special guest on the show, Kymber Maulden.

Kymber and I discuss:

  • Who Kymber is and what she does
  • What neuro somatic means
  • Why Kymber has chosen to work specifically with women
  • How our nervous system ties in with nutritional healing
  • How to start when trying to get out of a survival state
  • Making changes that build up over time
  • What trauma is classified as
  • Disassociation and disconnection to your body
  • Balance and boundaries for healthy client/practitioner relationships
  • The 4 key factors when choosing foods for nutrition
  • Kymber’s thoughts on fasting and time restricted eating
  • Being down-regulated
  • One piece of advice from Kymber for listeners

More about Kymber:

Kymber Maulden integrates somatic parts-work, attachment coaching, NARM principles for addressing complex developmental trauma, and applied neurology into her private nutrition work to offer women a well-rounded and deep set of tools for addressing their long-term self-healing needs.

Kymber’s ardent curiosity about the relationship between nutrition and somatic healing has been stoked by the inclusion of the effects of nervous system dysregulation and trauma within this nutritional approach. She devotes her professional work to assisting as many women as she can in gaining these essential skills for improved long-term outcomes, while continuing to work on her own self-healing and self-regulation with openness and humility.

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