Turned On - Pumping Iron with Kate Boyle

I loved this conversation! Tune in to hear me talk about pumping up the iron for optimal energy as a guest on the Turned ON- Wild, Free and Sexy in Midlife podcast with Penny Van Der Sluys.

Often when your iron levels are low, life can feel flat and like you’re running on empty.

For many women, levels can be surprisingly difficult to manage, and the best ways to manage it can be uncertain.

In this episode I share about my experience with iron deficiency and how it led me to dive deeper into what was the underlying cause.

You’ll hear more about:

  • What is anaemia
  • The symptoms of low iron
  • An essential ingredient we need to absorb iron.
  • Why iron supplements may not work for you
  • Gut health, pre & probiotic foods
  • Foods that damage your gut health
  • The role vitamin C plays in absorption (it’s not what we’ve been led to believe).
  • Ascorbic acid vs wholefood vitamin C.
  • Blood tests and what to ask for.
  • Getting a copy of your blood test results
  • The importance of getting to the root of a symptom
  • Getting interested in your medical history

And more…

More about Penny:

Penny Van Der Sluys is a Feminine Empowerment coach and Pleasure Activist, who encourages womento live a turned on life, prioritise pleasure, play and passion, and reconnect with their feminine power.

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Podcast: Turned On – Wild, free & Sexy in your midlife

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