Jennie DelReeve

This week I have another super exciting guest on the show, Jennie Delreeve.

Jennie and I discuss:

  • Who Jennie is and what she does
  • Jennie’s personal story with trauma and prolapse
  • The vulnerability to defensiveness cycle
  • Identifying the pattern of this cycle
  • Fight or flight
  • The levels of prolapses
  • The physical and mental elements
  • What hypopressives are
  • Vibrations and reality
  • How Jennie and Duncan work as a husband and wife team
  • Healing and the work that comes with it
  • Pelvic floor engagement and intra-abominable pressure
  • How pain can be related to the pelvic floor
  • Who prolapse can affect
  • How each person’s journey can be so different
  • Jennie’s thoughts on pelvic floor surgery
  • One last piece of advice from Jennie for listeners to take away and apply today

And more!

More about Jennie:

Jennie helps women who have experienced trauma to reverse their pelvic organ prolapse so they can live a confident, active life. She was misdiagnosed twice, eventually discovering she had a grade 3 rectocele, grade 2/3 cystocele and uterine prolapse. At the time she was in emotional freefall & feeling overwhelmed. Adding to her despair, despite her efforts to do what the experts told her, NOTHING WAS WORKING (aka Kegels, “bracing” techniques & focusing on your 6 pack) and she felt COMPLETELY BROKEN. However, she soon realised even though she’d done years of therapy, holistic health and meditation she still had a pattern of vulnerability running wild all over the place. She has coined this the “vulnerability to defensiveness” pattern. When you experience trauma like she did, the world becomes unsafe, and your whole system goes on high alert. This manifests in fear of the dark, fear you’ll be attacked, fear your kids will be abducted, fear the money will run out and not trusting your body.

Nowadays at age 48 years young she can run, hike, lift, bounce on the trampoline and run around after her two kids. Combining the physical with the mental & emotional was the KEY to her success to reversing her 3 prolapses.

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