Sarah Liz King

This week I have another super exciting guest on the show, Exercise Physiologist, Sarah Liz King.

Sarah and I discuss:

  • What hypothalamic amenorrhea (FHA/HA) is
  • What puts you at risk for FHA (HA)
  • The importance of estrogen
  • Getting pregnant with FHA (HA)
  • The most common ages that Sarah sees with menstrual issues
  • How to know what menstrual changes can indicate
  • Sources of stress and the effects
  • Insulin resistance and PCOS
  • Lifestyle changes to support your cycles (with and without FHA/HA)
  • Listening to your body
  • Adapting and changing
  • Sarah’s recommendation for balancing fitness
  • One last piece of advice from Sarah for listeners to take away and apply today

And so much more!

More about Sarah:

Sarah Liz King is an accomplished exercise physiologist who has dedicated her career to promoting safe and effective exercise practices for individuals with eating disorders, exercise addiction, and hypothalamic amenorrhea.  She has made significant contributions to the profession through her pioneering research and development of guidelines that support clinicians and exercise professionals in managing exercise during treatment for these conditions.

Sarah’s expertise and knowledge have been instrumental in supporting individuals with eating disorders to develop positive and sustainable exercise habits that support their recovery and overall health. She has worked extensively with clients in both inpatient and outpatient eating disorder treatment, helping to facilitate healthy relationships with exercise during recovery.

Her contributions to the world’s first guidelines titled “Safe Exercise at Every Stage” (SEES) were crucial in establishing evidence-based recommendations for exercise prescription and modification at different stages of treatment.

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