Deborah charnes

This week I have another super exciting guest on the show, Deborah Charnes.

Deborah and I discuss:

  • How Deborah got into Yoga
  • Gut and autoimmune issues
  • Our over-processed diets
  • Food ingredients and healthy options
  • Ethical farming
  • The cost of quality food
  • Deborah’s book and how it came about
  • Emotions being linked to physical health
  • Types of Yoga Deborah does
  • Where to start in terms of Yoga styles
  • Simple self-care suggestions
  • One last piece of advice from Deborah for listeners to take away and apply today

And so much more!

More about Deborah:

Deborah is a certified Yoga therapist, Pilates instructor, fitness instructor and author. She’s always been involved in holistic health, even when she worked in the corporate world. Following a healthy lifestyle has always been very important to her, especially when raising her family.

Connect with Deborah:






Deborah’s Book:


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