Blanca Rodriguez

This week I have a very special guest on the show, Blanca E. Rodriguez.

Blanca and I discuss:

  • Blanca’s mission
  • Blanca’s journey
  • Why massage is so powerful
  • How often? How long? Which type?
  • The different styles of massage
  • The importance of communication during massage
  • Suggestions for massage at home
  • K9 massage therapy
  • Finding a K9 massage therapist
  • Massaging your dog at home
  • Powerful massages for menopausal and perimenopausal women
  • Foot massage
  • When to avoid massage
  • One last piece of advice to listeners

And much more!

More about Blanca:

Blanca is the Owner/CEO of Wounded Healer, LLC. Under this umbrella she has offered massage therapy for 18 years, certified canine massage therapy for 8 years and fitness instruction for people 55+. Blanca is a speaker, podcaster, Amazon best-selling book co author, and holistic life coach. She is a member and mentor at American Massage Therapy Association. She’s a member, mentor and vice president of public relations, Talking heads of Stuart Toastmasters. A member, mentor and vice president of public relations, Puerto Rico Toastmasters Club (bilingual), and a member of Treasure Coast Advanced Toastmasters. She speaks English and Spanish.

She volunteers at different platforms, like The Inner Truth Project, helping sexual violence survivors, The Pet Cottage, dedicated to give permanent housing to senior dogs that have lost their human companion due to death or deployment and The Human Society of Saint Lucie County, a no-kill animal shelter.

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