Continuing our women’s health month, this week I interview Women’s Health Coach and Expert, Sam Hadadi.

Sam and I chat about:

  • Women’s menstrual cycle and what all women need to know
  • How stress affects your menstrual cycle
  • Seed Cycling and the benefits
  • What we can expect in Perimenopause
  • Easy ways to look after our hormonal health

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More about Sam:

Sam is a Women’s health coach that specialises in working with women’s hormones.

She’s a home cook, busy mama, recipe developer, health and fitness journalist, and blogger (as well as being a professional nut butter addict) and loves to dive in to all areas of health and wellness.

She has a passion for women’s health and well-being, as well as bringing joy and fun to delicious and nutritious food. Wherever she can, she tries to make healthy eating fun, using whole, natural and unrefined ingredients that nourish your body as you go.

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