This week on the podcast I dive in to emotional eating and weight loss with Master Life and Weight Loss Coach, Jillian Lama.

We cover:

  • How we can overcome emotional eating
  • Why weight loss can seem so hard
  • Why we reach for that ‘comfort food’ and how to break the cycle
  • How we can live a balanced life that doesn’t include dieting and restriction
  • Easy ways to reframe how we look at food that will really support our health

And more…..

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More about Jillian:

Jillian is a master life and weight loss coach, founder of the Body You Crave Method and host of the Body You Crave Podcast. Jillian helps high achieving women end emotional eating, lose excess weight, and feel amazing in their bodies – no cheating required. Jillian’s on a mission to show every woman how to lose excess weight eating the foods they love.

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