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Why are the first 14 days so important?

This week on the podcast I’m chatting about why the first 14 days are the most important when making a change or starting a new program because….

  • we’re committing to making a decision to change
  • We’re creating healthy habits
  • We will start to see results
  • Change propels motivation, consistency and more results

14 days can change your life!!

Don’t believe me? Listen in to hear all the ways how and remember if you want support to make a change, come try LEAN 14 with me!

We’re doing LEAN 14 LIVE in January and it’s going to be epic! 🎉 You’ll not only have the new year on your side but support from me as I guide you through my LEAN 14 program that will get you results.

Come get LEAN 14 with me and get your post-Chrissy health and fitness plan sorted early.

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