100 Episodes

This week is the 100th episode of the podcast and I thought what better way to celebrate then, to share some of the amazing podcast guests we’ve had on in these first 100 episodes.

Listen in to hear some of my favourite guests, some of our top episodes and some of the best health info that we can all benefit from.

To listen to the full episode of the experts featured in this episode head to:

Alana Mitchell- Episode 72: Skincare Essentials with Esthetician, Alana Mitchell

Dr. Camila Williams- Episode: 35 Understanding Perfectionism with Dr.Camila Williams

Jillian Lama- Episode 81: Overcoming Emotional Eating with Master Life and Weight Loss Coach, Jillian Lama

Dr. Nicole Byers- Episode 42: How Overwhelm, Stress and a Long To Do List can Impact Brain Health and Productivity with Dr.Nicole Byers

Cathy Watson- Episode 67: Overcoming Incontinence, Prolapse, Pelvic Pain and Diastis Recti with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Cathy Watson

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